And by home studio, I mean my kitchen. I just wanted to lure you in with a really professional sounding entry. But truly, I want to be as real with you as I possibly can. My name is Shayla. I am the everything behind homespun. Just me! Every item is handmade by me, every order is shipped by me, every like or comment is read and responded to by me. So nice to meet you.

A little about me and how Homespun was born: I am a mother of two beautiful girls. They are 2 and 5,and despite the beautiful princesses they are- they're a mess. literally. so gross. One day after scrubbing the bathtub with my standard store bought tub scrub, I fed the girls spaghetti for dinner, and filled up the nice clean tub in an attempt at damage control. When I went to put them in, the water was cloudy.  Residue cleaner was polluting the girls bath water and before I could even think about soaking my babies in this chemical water, I opted for a quick baby wipe scrub instead. (this is a judgement free zone, I should mention) I later went to my local grocer to see what my options for "all natural" cleaners were. Limited. is what they were. I took a look at the labels of the few options I had and was really uncomfortable with amount of ingredients used in these that I still couldn't pronounce, or recognize.  Thus, Homespun was born. I researched natural cleaning agents and herbs and oils that are appropriate for cleaning. I put on my mad scientist hat and mixed and tested until I got the perfect product. Now I'm proud to share that product with you.


It's all in the details


ingredients. Homespun ingredients are simple. You can pronounce them, and even if they aren't ingredients you may have in your kitchen, they're easily acquired. no hazmat suits here. All of my cleaners are made of ingredients that are organic, chemical free, planet friendly, and vegan. The scents are constructed from my own blends of organic essential oils that are specifically chosen for their antibacterial, anti fungal, grease cutting, and skin soothing properties.Safe for the most sensitive of skin. These carefully chosen ingredients make my products safe for use on most household surfaces.  All products are made in small batches by me with copious amounts of love and caffeine. 


packaging. Glass bottles were chosen for the majority of the packaging. While plastic can be recycled, a recycled product only has so many cycles of life before it too ends up as waste. My mission is to create as little waste as possible. Using Glass for storage not only protects your cleaners lifespan, it also protects the environment. Rinse your bottle out and repurpose it over and over again with some home cleaning recipes from the blog, or as a vase for flowers (attractive labeling makes it enjoyable to display your bottles). Show off how you've repurposed your Homespun packaging by tagging @homespunok on social media and hash tagging #homespunhome to spread the inspiration. You savvy planeteer, you. If you're local, bring your glass bottles back for a handsome recycling credit towards your next purchase. Rewarding, yes? That's the idea!