The truth about cleaning products...

Guys. We've got to start paying better attention. But there's SO MUCH to pay attention to, where do you even start? The Environmental Working Group has made it easy. See their Hall of Shame for information on what we've all been spraying around our house to clean it. 

Most house hold cleaners contain some pretty severe chemicals.
Benzalkonium Chlorid

91% of our nation applies 300-million pounds of these poisons (often indoors) per YEAR.
The government acknowledges that these cleaning products are hazardous, but regulation only requires labels to indicate if they are: combustible, corrosive, poison, caution, etc. They are not required to expose the full ingredient list.

so before you go and spray around that yummy new spring scented air deodorizer, consider that the toxic chemical found inside is found in the blood of 95% of children and adults.
no. thank. you.  It pays to read the warning labels. 

"EWG’s 2009 state-of-the-art air pollution tests of 21 common school cleaning products turned
up a wide range of air contaminants linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity. Some of the worst offenders are in products also commonly used in the home. "


Homespun. I've dedicated this business to providing safe and chemical free alternatives to your cleaning routines. This 'Hall of Shame' is the very reason I started this company in the first place... but here's the thing, plastics and chemicals are cheaper than organic and truly natural products, and I understand that sometimes it's just not in the budget. So I'm making this blog into a resource for you to refer to for your homemade cleaning and beauty recipes. Now, none of these are my recipes for my business, as I use high quality products that probably aren't already in your kitchen, but in the event that you've run out and haven't had the chance to restock, or you just can't afford the pricing, I'm still here for you! I don't want you to subject yourself to these chemicals. Use these recipes to clean safely. You'll find that many of them are just as cheap, if not cheaper than buying the chemical stuff anyway.